Clean Laundry and Hot Romance?

Dang, that Jasinda Wilder can write!  (Yes, I know that Jack and Jasinda write together, but the cover gives credit to Jasinda, so I’m going with that.)

I did a deep dive into Jasinda’s early works – as per the publication schedule on  She writes about women who inhabit the world of what is plausible.  A woman flees from an unfaithful husband and oppressive marriage to a small town (The Preacher’s Son: Unbound).  A woman who is confident that she can take care of herself feels vulnerable when she doubts that a man can love her plus-sized self (Big Girls Do it Better).  A faithful, naïve young wife finds her husband in bed with a woman she knows (Delilah’s Diary: A Sexy Journey).

Then, Jasinda has her leading ladies embark on a journey of joyous sexual self-expression (you knew that from the cover art, right?), explicitly written, while finding True Love.  Don’t overlook the explicit part – Jasinda gets it right.  There’s steam, there’s spice, and it adds up to a compelling, don’t-want-to-put-it-down read.  They are enormously fun to devour (adults only).

The author spins her tales over several books in each series.  In fact, between August 29, and November 20, 2012, Jasinda (and Jack?) birthed ELEVEN hot romance novellas, all in either a Preachers, Big Girls, or Diary series.

With this modus operandi and their impressive publication release schedule, Jasinda and Jack were able to make their mortgage payments and save their home.

How do they do it?  They have five little ones.  End of August is back-to-school.  There’s everyday meals and homework.  There’s Halloween (must be huge when multiplied by five) and then there’s the mother of all female-work holidays: Thanksgiving.  Yet, Jasinda and Jack said that they stayed holed-up in their clean, toyless, finished basement – the size of a mansion by New York City standards – taking few breaks, unswerving in their devotion to create and publish – dare I call it? – product.

Who’s covering the kids, making sure everyone is wearing clean clothes, and bringing in the groceries?  And can they come visit me?