The Romance of May


Deliverance from winter.

Blossoms unafraid to burst into bloom, safe from the threat of frost.

A sweet breeze caressing your bare arms.

It’s no secret that I love the month of May.  Peonies!  Lilacs!  This is my birthday month!  I get to celebrate Mother’s Day!

When I was a school girl, May was almost the end of the school year – a particular heady joy.

We learned “Now Is the Month of Maying” (video below) in Mr. Hansen’s second grade music class.  This was a bold choice, for anyone paying attention to the lyrics (and a variation of the lyrics here).

My still-second-grade head sings: The Spring, clad all in gladness, doth laugh at Winter’s sadness!

Bagpipes, dancing on the grass – such fun!

As it turns out, “Now Is the Month of Maying” has elements that appeal to both adults and children. There are bonnie lasses dancing on the grass for the kids, and frolicsomness beyond romance for the older folk.  Much like the cold war cartoon “Rocky and Bullwinkle,” the careful grown-up observer will have a different – er – deeper – experience than that of a child.

So, enjoy!  It’s May.  Let the rejoicing commence.