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Happy New Year to Sweet Romance! (I Published “My Crush”!)


Happy New Year!  Today, I published a short, sweet romance, My Crush!

On New Year’s Day, we start fresh ~ sometimes with resolutions, sometimes with hopes and dreams.

If you are a resolution maker, good on you!  There’s a certain energy to keeping one’s head down and powering through, towards a great goal or away from a great concern.  I’m going with hopes and dreams ~ and the plans to see them come to fruition.  They carry us forth with optimism in the vision of another great year (or, at least, a better year than the last one).

Last year, I honored my determination to work as a published author by writing and publishing Feeding the Passion.  Today, I have birthed a short, sweet romance, My Crush.  

Here’s the Amazon description of My Crush:

Brainy Zoë Ellison has had a crush on gorgeous scholar-athlete Wyatt Rhys since they were in third grade together. Now that they’re juniors in high school, Zoë and Wyatt move in entirely different social circles. But when Wyatt is in danger of flunking calculus and blowing his chance to play football at Harvard, he reaches out for tutoring to the one classmate that won’t make him feel stupid, Zoë. Can Zoë work through her crush to teach Wyatt math, or will Wyatt teach Zoë a life lesson that she’ll never forget?

I hope that you will check out My Crush and let me know your reaction.  Did you ever have a crush on someone way outside of your social circle?  If you dare, share in the comments, below.

So far, in these first few hours of 2016, hopes and dreams and working towards them are looking good.  I saw fireworks with my beloved family as the new year began.  I wrote.  I published.  My family and I went to see the “Beautiful Holiday Train Show” at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx (and it really is beautiful).  I wished and was wished “Happy New Year!” to/by friends and relatives.

Here’s to our being together, you and I, in this shiny new year.  I wish you happiness, health, prosperity, and the opportunity to make someone else’s wishes come true.  May we meet our resolutions with consistency and merit, and achieve our wonderful hopes and dreams!

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