Love of Humanity, Writing, and Espresso

Espresso Gone - Oh no! (1)

This has been a magnificent and hard-working day.

Magnificent: The weather is perfect for the New York City Marathon.  I have a great view of the Marathon.  The City is in good cheer.  My family understands that I have several writing projects and I’m working on them.

Hard-working:  Wait – “projects” makes them sound like hobbies with which I tinker.  No!  I have a writing assignment with an imminent deadline, the daily NaNoWriMo word production, and, of course, the blog-every-day-in-November challenge of NaBloPoMo.  I’d love to start with my NaBloPoMo writing first – about the beauty and significance of the New York City Marathon – with pictures!  But that will have to wait.

Meanwhile, I made a pot of espresso and drank the whole thing!  More?  Sure, I could make more, but it would be wrong.



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