Romancing the Jump

Today marks a special milestone.

Today, I made the jump.

What jump?  The word count jump.

I made the word count jump.

Yesterday in NaNoWriMo land, Day 20, I should have completed 20 Days X 1667 words per day, for a total of 33,340 novel words.

For every registered writer who enters their daily word count, your dashboard on the official site shows you your words plotted against the total expected words so far in a nifty little graph.  From the start of NaNoWriMo until yesterday, the bars that represented my word count did not meet the ascending line that represented the target.

This is to say that, yesterday, my total was 31,028.

Today, I put my head down and barreled through.  It’s Day 21.  The target is 35,007 total novel words.   And my total is <drumroll> 36,195.  My word count bar is above the goal line for today.  <hooting around, flapping wings – – but quietly so as not to wake the kids>

We can talk about whether or not there is any real world significance to the actual number of words in a novel or the worthiness of keeping a steady level of productivity another day.  Today, I made the jump.  : )

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