Romancing the Voice

There’s a conundrum about blogging every day that is not true about writing a bit of one’s novel every day.

Whether you are a pantser (writing your novel without a pre-crafted plan or outline, by the seat of your pants), or a plotter, every time you write a bit of your novel, you are advancing the cause of finishing a unified work.  No one need ever see the work, and it is likely that your novel will undergo several revisions before anyone but your inner circle gets a look-see.  The idea of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is to encourage a daily habit of writing, quiet one’s inner critic, and give writers a community of support, encouragement, and accountability – or not (there’s a lot of flexibility here).  I’d wager that most works will go unseen by the public.

Blogging in a monthly writing challenge such as National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) is a different story.  You’re out there, baby, posting whatever, because you said you would rather than because you have something to say.  We probably all have lots to say and are too shy and/or self-critical.  For those of us with self-imposed blogging rules (we’re only going to blog on a certain topic, we’re never going to blog about our kids/ work/hobbies/health, etc.) there’s an extra pressure to tell a readable, relevant, enjoyable story. Readers are a precious commodity and we really, really want you to stay and visit with us.  Want a piece of pie?  Some coffee with that?

NaBloPoMo aims to lessen that inner voice that holds us back – as well as to connect us with our larger communities.  Still, in my mind, I am hearing the theme song from an old TV show, Mr. Ed.  Mr. Ed, for all of you who are too young or had no access to American TV of the 1960s, was a horse who could talk.   Generally speaking, he only spoke with his owner (who sometimes tried to have his equine friend convey his super-intelligent ideas to humans other than the owner).  It’s Day 20 in writing challenge land and I’m a little jealous of a horse who, according to the theme song, “never speaks unless he has something to say.”

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