The Romance Filter

There are some communal artistic challenges that operate as scavenger hunts.  Each day, the organizer asks you to find/photograph/write about one prompt.  For example, on day one, you might be asked to photograph a shiny spoon, on day two: a child’s delight, on day three: a cloud in the shape of an animal, and so on.

I’ve participated in several December Daily photo challenges and, in addition to having a cool little album at the end of the month, I found the Power of the Filter.

I’m not talking about the brightening “Hefe” or maniacally yellow-casting “Kelvin” filters on Instagram.  I’m speaking about the experience of tuning-down one’s attention to various stimuli and exulting in every instance, or just one perfect instance, of one’s target.  The day you find that red number “8,” in the virtual company of a possibly worldwide community of red “8” hunter/gatherers, is a red-letter (or – er – number) day.  Looking through that time-limited filter can be meditative and peaceful.  It can be exhilarating.  Look ma, I found “tiny tots with their eyes all aglow!”

This leads me to romance.  In this intense writing month of blogging every day (NaBLoPoMoand typing the entries that will add up to the 50,000-words-required-to-win  (NaNoWriMo) in my romance series , I have my romance writing filter “on” – even when I’m not at my computer.

I’m out there looking, virtually speaking, for romance.  Here is my hunter/gatherer capture:



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